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So, classes have ended into a rocky start to summer. Part of the plan is to finish two journal papers and collect some data over the summer. This can happen if work doesn’t spiral out of control. In the intersection of academia and business schools, tenure is one thing but “qualified to teach” is another. In B-schools, we have to maintain qualifications through consistent publishing- which I do- but I’d rather be writing books. And they don’t really count. It’s irritating.

But in the shitty mood category I’m having a continuing “Under the Tuscan Sun” moment. The current state of American politics is repugnant. At least in Italy, They’ve built a 2,500 year culture combining been-there-done-that with fuck-it. And while you may not like what’s happening in the world at least you can look at pretty things, eat good food not fast food, outside in near perfect weather year-round.

And then there’s the healthcare shit, that’s going on here. I’ve mentioned to friends already that Stef and I can get private, premium and unlimited coverage in Italy for 40 bucks a month. 40 bucks. No deductible. Why? Because everyone gets FREE healthcare and you never have to live in fear of healthcare bankruptcy. The high fever mornings of the past couple of days hasn’t helped matters.

Stef has compromised on buying the house in Nemi though. We looked at apartments last night and a few houses. Nothing fancy, but Nemi. :-)

So, all of that this week along with what seemed to be a spiritual attack on Wednesday. I kept waking up seeing someone screaming at me- really angry. I know who it was. I get it. So, I let it pass that one night. It happened again on Thursday night. I was less way less tolerant. It’s the Oya Aché.

Yesterday I had a great time watching and discussing Wicker Man with EMLC, though! I was disappointed at the attendance but I really do think it is exactly what we should be doing. More community building and more opportunities to build relationships.

On to the season.

Date: 2017-05-08 01:48 pm (UTC)
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You were FANTASTIC at Wicker Man. I'm thanking you again for being point on all this and for handling the bulk of the heavy lifting for it. The turnout was poop, but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many non-EMLC'ers showed up.

For volume of people, we might want to see if there's a location slightly further north that we can use. There's a lot of people who won't drive to Miami for any reason, especially if I-95 is involved (Incendia is one of them - she only came because I drove. If I wasn't going, she would not have attended)

Being able to hang out afterwards was so much fun. I didn't realize you and Stef had been finalizing on a Nemi house. I can't wait to visit you there. Hearing about how health care is handled over there makes me 100% want to take you up on your offer over Pizza. :)


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